Hey, Queens!

I would like to formally welcome you to The Maure Label and explain to you how it came about in the first place. As a young woman, I have always struggled with loving my body and acknowledging my insecurities, so in the midst of the pandemic I began a journey of self-discovery and growing my faith.

As time went by, I made a decision to love me and be the queen that I was created to be. And from that moment on, I wanted to encourage other young girls and women to walk in their God-given confidence and authority. And thus, The Maure Label was born.

Officially launching in 2020, The Maure Label has come to encourage self-love, confidence, authenticity, and just enjoying the luxury that comes with embracing the inner queen in you! The Maure Queen is confident and understands that she is worth MAURE than diamonds! She is PRICELESS! And so are our pieces! Our pieces are chic, sophisticated, and are hand-picked to ensure comfort and sustainability! 

The Maure Label is more than a brand, it's a lifestyle! You are the best so you deserve the best! So as a Maure Queen, strut into every room with confidence, grace, and style because you are royalty hunny!!!

Psalms 139:14

Thank you for supporting my brand and welcome to the Maure Mob!
With Love, 
Maureen Onye.
CEO of The Maure Label